Thursday, April 7, 2011

I hate Shopping!

So last night, a friend of mine was going to the mall. I need stuff for Pesach (Passover) so i told her i'd come along. This is one of my friends who kinda knows I have some feet issues but doesn't get what it's really all about. Anyway, we leave at 7:30 and her neighbor is there too. Fine, we get to mall. I'm exhausted. We go into Macy's. I'm telling you, I hate shopping. And I really hate shopping with other women. I know its supposed to be more fun but its JUST NOT. It always starts the same way. I look around and it looks like there's tons of stuff. I get all excited, go through the racks. Very little is my size. I take what I can to the dressing room. It looks awful. I always wear the wrong bra when I shop. Anyway, I'm in the dressing room and the other two gals are complaining how fat they've gotten (I can't believe I am a size 8!). Let me tell you, I am not obese or fat but i'm definitely heavier than I should be and heavier than I've ever been. I'm a size L or 14 and a couple of years back I was M and 10-12. I could stand to lose about 30 lbs and I do hope to lose the weight but its not happening right now. But it just ANNOYS me when skinny people complain they are fat.

So anyway, I just want to talk more about why I hate shopping. Its draining. Its probably going to be an average of 2 hours. On my feet. Very hard for CMTers. I was wearing crocs which give no support. And its at the end of a long day. The worst type of movement for CMTers is no movement or sluggish and slow movement. I dont mind walking but it has to be brisk and the best is when I'm pushing the baby stroller (AKA my walker). At least MACYs had a nice seat in the fitting room, the WORST is when they don't. SO i'm trying things on. Feet are hurting. Dont like the way anything looks. When you try things on you face what your body really looks like and I'm not crazy about it. Plus the other two were irritating me. And usually I will go back and forth to the dressing room several times and each time i'm more drained. Coats annoying me. Its annoying to keep redressing and Im tempted to go back out in my underwear. By the time I'm ready to run out, I just grab something. ANYTHING. so long as the awful shopping experience wasnt a total waste. More often than not, that last-ditch item is not something I end up really wearing.

WHich brings me to the next reason I hate shopping - I hate spending money. Theres like something wrong with me. We did just buy a house and i'm trying to keep expenses low but i just hate shelling out hard earned money on something htat I might or might not like. Dont get me wrong, I love nice new things that look good on me and if I wear it its worth the price. But I hate spending on question marks and I hate spending full price. So than I'm fiddling through the clearance rack which means more time on my poor, unsupportive feet. And if I realize 'darn, MACYs had a coupon in the paper but I didnt bring it', i just wont buy the stuff knowing I could have saved $20.

Anyway, I ended up separating from the girls and going to H&M. Its much smaller there which is better too. I hate HUGE department stores where you don't know where to look first (and you walk and stand forever). I got a skirt and a couple of tops for Pesach and have to try it on for DH, he is the final say. He says we should go togehter. We went once on a day off in the fall and it was actually fun! He knows my feet issues. So we spend half hour tops. Grab a bunch of stuff. He cracks jokes the whole time. And if I need a replacement piece, he gets it. Gives me his opinions. And we pay and off we go. Best part? He hold my hand when we walk which makes everything oh so much easier (and might I add a little romantic ;) ).

Anyway I also bought a coupel of things for the kids. Love buying them clothing especially my daughter! And H&M have adorable jumpers for $4.95. Heaven!

The night ended with me waiting for the two girls. I sat in a shoe place at the exit of the mall feeling sorry for myself that some things were so hard for me. The high heeled shoes which I will never even try on seemed to be teasing me. I rarely even think about things like this but I do wish that I even had the option to try heels. Anyway, being that i'm not into fashion and DH is my height, I guess its OK, but I did spend a good few minutes feelings sorry for myself that so much of clothing and shoes is off limits for me.

Some people love shopping, its thereputic for them. Not me, no way. I guess its good for our wallet....


  1. Hi! I saw this on the CMT board! My hubby has CMT and I'm 30 too. I live in Ohio. We have 3 kids. The oldest has it and I think my baby boy has it but he's not tested yet. My middle girl so far looks typical. the Hub's a school teacher and I am a stay at home mom/piano teacher. Anyways...just wanted to introduce myself..oh I'm Amelia and my blog is

  2. I'm with you. I loved shopping when I was less affected but now I hate it for all the reasons you mentioned. I panicked when my kids were too big to need a stroller anymore. :) I'm 45 and I've moved past the point where dh holding my hand is enough to steady me and I now use a walker for short trips and a scooter in the mall. Most stores don't put their clothing racks far enough apart for me to get through.

    I despise grocery shopping too because, while the cart helps me to walk, my hands are so weak that I need both of them to get anything off the shelf. Using two hands to pick something up leaves me with no balance. If I take my scooter in the store I can't reach anything.

    It's nice to know that someone else understands that frustration.

  3. Thanks girls, love the info and knowing others can relate. Looking foward to hearig more about you!

  4. I'm sooo with you there!!! And if I need to buy something I'd rather do it online. "Going to the mall" is not an experience I enjoy!!

  5. I'm in pretty much the same boat as you too. I don't mind shopping too much but by the end of it I am always exhausted and ready to drop. I'm about a size 14 too. Need to lose another 20 - 30 pounds but trying to find the energy to exercise is hard. Don't even get me started on buying shoes.

  6. You are my kindred spirit. This entire post had me going "yep", "uh-huh" and "YES"! If I'm ever in your area we shall go tgo H&M, bemoan skinny girls who don't have postpregnancy boobs or tummys and kick our feet up at the food court.

  7. <3 nic! Your comment made me smile :)