Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yak and Shain

So Yak's PT wants him to wear shoes all the time with insoles. :(. I just bought cute sandals at a real shoe place. But his feet are turning. Joy oh joy. He was my early mover and walker and I was hopeful his feet would be spared but alas it looks like its not the case. I did notice his feet are actually turning in, not out like mine do. But anyway I'm trying to follow her isntructions. i'm a very free-spirited barefoot run around the place person so I dont know if I can have him wearing them all day until he goes to bed but I'm trying to make sure they are on most of the time. I hope it helps, she thinks it can. I'm so not at the place of runnign to the MDA to see if they have CMT and need orthotics but I hope that my kids won't miss out becasue of that. I will follow my PT's recommendations seriously and I'm guessing both kids will be getting PT (and possibly OT) for the next buncha years. The good news is the PT is very happy with how Shain's progress is and she's been doing great with stairs and running. She's such a little free spirit like me and her status quo way of moving around is merrily skipping. I just pray she doesnt fall when shes doing that on the pavement and much more often than not she doesn't. But it does make both our spirits temporarily plummet when she goes kaboom when all she wanted was to be a happy little girl.

BTW, Yak also started with speech and special instruction because he's almost 2 1/2 and doesnt talk that much. He's shown a lot of improvement since he started and also since he started a little day camp with 6 other little 2 year olds. He's so much happier than when he just went to a babysitter - here he swims and colors and he really enjoys it! Plus my friend runs it so that is great. I'm not super concerned because Shain was also delayed and now she doesnt stop blabbing and has a super memory. My kids are adorable btw. I can't stop kissing them. Shain's best friend came for the whole weekend (he's a boy) and they played beautifully together. They built a whole city with our Legos and sang together in a band. Poor Yak was a little left out but he didnt seem to mind.

Have a great week!

The past few Friday nights have worked out really well. DH has been pretty helpful and I've been more upbeat and smiley when sitting at the table.


  1. The upside for our kids being introduced to OT and PT so young is that they don't know any different. In our house, before bed is not a bedtime story but stretching exercises. Kinda sad when you think about it but the kiddos don't realize it.

    Glad DH helping out is making your Shabbos (did my Protestant self spell that correctly??) more smiley! :)

  2. Good job on the spelling although theres a buncha ways to spell it. Also kids think PT is pretty fun (when they arent tired) and always ask if Lola is coming!