Wednesday, September 14, 2011


its been a while....sorry! My summer has been.....nice. I worked for most of it and thus couldnt do all that much so thats a bit of a bummer. I also dont have people here on the block that I can hang out with and chat all evening long so it wasnt anything special. In fact in a way it was a bit depressing because I know what summers CAN be if you are surrounded by friends all the time but oh well I had those days and maybe Ill have them again some time. I did swim a few times at a friends place with Shain and had a few other nice outings but it was usually just home after camp. I tried to meet some friends in the city for free concerts and stuff but the two times I made plans it rained. Boo. I also found I was tired at night and not even super interested in doing a million things.

Good thing -- the summer ended with a huge bang. The four of us went away for a week to the Jersey Shore. It was phenomenal. Hotel with mini golf, pools, beach right nearby, BBQing every night. Just awesome. We went with cousins so it was even more fun. I walked around barefoot a lot and wondered if it wuld be my last time doing so...I really need to call my Dr. and get the damn perscription and just get AFOs already. I love walking around barefoot but I said i'll give myself one more summer to enjoy the breezes on my legs and than at least TRY them! Problem is i don't really have a Dr. I went to the MDA a year ago but they claim I owe them money and i'm scared to even contact them. So just pushing it off cuz I dont know what to do and part of me doesnt want braces anyway.

Some friend's husband who is a PT asked if everything was OK with my leg. I'm so tired of hiding. I fumbled and mumbled and said something about how they are bothring me and I'm looking into getting orthotics. It was so uncomf cuz we both felt that I was hiding something and not comfortable sharing and that made him feel bad that I asked. I wish I could just say 'actually, i;m not sure if you are familiar with CMT but I actually have it'. Thats it. Just one line and goodbye. Hes a PT so he might have heard of it. No one else would have.

OK just rambling but i'm now back at work and the kiddies are both at local basement playgroups. They are both loving it and their teachers are giving glowing reports. They are happy and like to play, what more can a teacher ask for. How many more years till I get a different sort of report from a teacher?!

Hope to post more often, good to be writing again.


  1. I hear you on just fumbling a response...I do the same. Mine is just a singsongy "Oh, I have trouble with my legs." I take the summers off from my AFOs and inshoe braces...yep, I'm a cheater. (And lucky to be able to cheat, I realize)

  2. Oooh - cheating is an option? i didnt realize that. that makes it a little easier, because i really love wearing nothing on my feet all summer (in fact we all need to go buy socks because we currently have old ratty socks from last year). Dont you really come to rely on AFOs once you start (one of my biggest fears).