Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Frustrations

I got to make myself some sports friends. Its kinda pathetic that my home team is in the biggest watched even the entire year -- and I have no place to go.


In religious circles, not everyone is into sports. Its considered a little 'not so kosher' to get all wrapped up with something like that. Especially not women. A lot of the guys are. In my family, my older brother is into sports and he got me into it. It was mainly Yankees baseball which I was lucky enough to start following in 1996, the year they won it all. And I've gotten a little into the other sports and especially football more of recent. I don't have a TV so eeverthing I watch is streaming. Which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. But in general, not so fun to watch a big game on a little computer screen.

So my husband couldn't care less about football and I have like one sorta football friend. So its frustrating. My brother and his wife are into football but they live 2 hours away in New Jersey. Plus my sister-in-law is in school till 5 on Sunday, near where she lives so that's limiting. The past few weeks, we've been in touch via cell phone, cheering on the Giants over text. Last game he actually came to me and we watched togehter. This time, for the big game, apparently, he is going out to some hotel for a reunion of a few years back for just the guys. Great. So that leaves me and SIL floundering of where to go.

She doesn't want to go to a bar or restaurant, she wants to go to someoen's house. I don't know many people hosting it. I'd rather go to someone I'm super close to, but since that doesn't exist, let me go to a public place. I also feel a little uncomfortable going to a place where people sorta know me and couldn't care less about the game. Cuz I cheer. And boo. And yell at the football players. And for people that couldn't care less about the game, especially women, this is just weird.

So we need a place in between the two of us, location wise (prob Brooklyn), not with people wed be embarassed in front of, and something that we'd both feel comfortable with.

Oh and yeah, its gotta be kosher too.

From my FB status: 'why do i have a feeling that despite several decent options, I'm going to be watching the Super Bowl alone in my bedroom on pirated, chopped up, streaming TV?'

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