Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gaining weight

I scheduled my last OB appointment for this past Thursday. Two days after the holidays finished. What was I thinking. I gained 7 lbs. This is sooo not OK. I know, I know, its after the holiday and it was 5 weeks, not 4, and I was wearing my heavy denim skirt and I'm pregnant for heavenes sake, I'm allowed to gain weight!

But 7 lbs since my last appointment is just not OK. That would average 63 lbs a pregnancy. OMG. Luckily I havent gained that much so far. But I definitely gained a good 25 lbs and they say not to gain much more than 25-30 for a woman of my height and weight.

Its hard. I was so good last year. I went to a doctor and realized I was 10 lbs heavier than every other year. I decided right then to lose weight. And I did. I excersized on my elliptical. I ate healthy. I joined a weight loss program which I won 4 free weeks to (and stopped after the initial free trial ended). I lost over 30 lbs. I looked great and felt great. I got lots of compliments and my husband was thrilled with my new body :).  But dieting aint easy. Saying no to yummy foods and sugars and carbs and treats and yes to veggies and stuff is not fun. Even if its not all of the time. But it was worth it. How does that saying go: 'There's nothing that tastes as good as looking good feels' something to that affect.

And than I got pregnant. And its like when you are pregnant, you have 9 precious months where you are SUPPOSED to eat. And you are eating for 2. And you have all of the excuses in the world. And excuse myself I did. Back to cakes with my coffee, pasta, pizza, treats, etc etc. Because why not. I'm allowed. I know its temporary but let me just gorge and enjoy myself while I have this great excuse to. But I'm overdoing it. And I'm noticing my chin is bigger and my face is fuller which have nothing to do with my expanding belly. I cant go so crazy even though 'I can'. its not worth it long term.

At least the 25 lbs I gained is after I lost it all. And I hope to not gain much more and to lose most of the weight after the baby....I Guess we'll see. Nursing may throw things off too. In any case, at least to know that I have the wherewithal and ability to diet if I wanted to which I do hope to do some time down the road. I've been eating a bit better since the holidays ended. I'd love to not gain any weight in my next appointment in two weeks (I'm officially starting my bimonthly appointments now that I'm in my 8th month!!!!) I can let myself have treats and eat normally without stuffing my face. So thats the plan. I'll see what happens at my next appointment and keep you updated so I hold myself accountable!

Me and good (skinny) friend - July 2011 and July 2012


  1. If you did it once, you can do it again!

    -- CME, who finally figured out how to comment and now wants to figure out how you gained only 25 lbs.

    1. LOL. How much did you gain with yours?

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself...overall you haven't gained too much and like you said, you were successful losing weight before and I'm sure you'll be able to do it again. Baby will be here so soon!!! Very exciting!!!

  3. I hope so! Its harder (everything is harder) with a newborn to take care of but hopefully it wont be too hard to shed the baby pounds...