Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Life is pretty good.

My kids are absolutely adorable at 3 and 4. I finally have reached this point in my life that I have two pretty independent kids. Not babies who need constant help. Kids who know how to get their coats on, climb into the car, feed themselves and tell me whats wrong. They are really good kids and I am lovin' life with them.

Speaking of kids, I took them today to an orthotist. Really for Yak, but he looked at Shain too. Yak's feet are turning and they slap the ground, y'all know the drill. His OT and PT want hiim wearing orthotics and I have to be the adult and do what's best for him. So we went. I'm pretty sure he inherited my wonderful neuropathy. Oh well. He's still absolutely charming and adorable. Interestingly this doctor prides himself on having kids wear orthotics that correct the feet and within a couple of years, they usually can be removed. I'd love that to be the case, but I guess we'll see.

Its weird, they are doing a Hop-A-Thon for kids at my school for the MDA. So arbitrary. I look at the handouts and kid-friendly books with easy to read words and cute pictures of wheelchairs and braces. And I'm like 'noone at work has a clue that this is talking about me'. I try not to think about it and I just downplay it. I like being normal and one of them.

I did end up emailing my old director and one coworker about my issues, soon after the yoga thing. Director sent me this inspirational magnet and told me she wants me to come back to yoga. I told her I would but never got a chance. One day.....

Coming up to busy part of year. Graduation, end of year stuff, etc. I love it :).

I want to update more. I hate that I pop up once every few months and then disappear.


  1. Good luck with the orthotics for Y! Too bad we didn't live closer to each other, I'd love to try yoga - and with a fellow CMTer, it would be more comfortable. Good luck on getting through the end of the year! Summer is almost here, promise!

  2. Always nice to hear from you! I have dropped off of my blog, too. It's hard! Once I fall behind, it's even harder! :) We need a Yoga for CMTers :). I am in the crazy end of school year madness, too. Summer will be here soon!

  3. Nice to hear that life is progressing nicely for you!!