Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ahem. (dust, dust)

So its only been a quarter of a year since I last posted. Not bad. Now that summer is halfway over (boohoo!) i figured its time for a loooong awaited updated.

Summer has been great. We started off the summer with a long-overdue and much needed vacation for just Ad and me :). Unlike some other vacations that I aimed for hiking and amusement parks, I knew we needed to just chill and spend a lot of time relaxing. And relax we did. We rented a house in Connecticut for four days which was right by the lake. We spent our days watching the water, boating, swimming, BBQing, eating, watching TV, shooting fireworks, snuggling at the firepit, etc. We got up late(ish) and napped when we wanted to. No kids to disturb or bother. One of the activities was getting me a manicure and pedicure. Chinese lady thought Ad was such a nice husband cuz he was hanging around :). Our one biggish outing was gambling one night in Moheegan Sun. We had never gambled together and it was a lot of fun. Yes, there was a lot of walking, but I held on to Ad's hand and we rested when I needed it. Plus walking in an AC'ed building at night is waaay easier then shlepping around in the heat of the day outdoors. We lost a bunch of money but I ended the night winning $14 on slots so all was good in the world. All in all a really wonderful time of chilling, reconnecting and taking a break from the regular day to day life.

I knew we needed this getaway badly and one of the reasons I wanted to keep it very lowkey was because I am not in any shape to run around.....for those not in the know, CMT will be changing from Two to Three sometime this December, god willing :). So I am taking it as easy as I can with the knowledge that my time of not mommying a baby is running out. I'm smack in the middle now (21 weeks really) and I love this stage. Obviously showing and wearing maternity, feeling pretty good but getting all the help and sympathy that I really need ALL the time and enjoying the fact that I have a few months left. As it gets closer I want to hash out my thoughts on becoming a newborn mommy again.

Otherwies the summer is just flying by. I'm worknig for 6 weeks and by the time I get my kids at 3 i'm bushed. I lay down almost every day. I try to get out with them once or twice a week even just to the backyard with the sprinkler on. But some days I'm just too tired. Oh well they get what they need to out of camp. I'm being a lot less ambitious this summer. Last year I'd drive all over every Sunday going to various parks or other free events. Now I mainly stay close to home; I just cant muster up the energy for much more. And its OK I guess. I have more friends locally than I did a year ago and my sister sometimes comes to swim in a local pool so I join her. Last Sunday we went to BBQ and pool in the Poconos which was a blast. Look how big my kiddies are getting!!

Thats it for now. HOpe to update more soon -- as always I have tons on my mind that I want to share and very limited time, energy and finger interest in typing it all up. I wish y'all could just climb in my mind a bit and say 'oh, yeah, I hear that'.



  1. A big congrats to you-how exciting! Another bubba on the way.
    And guys-it is winter is Australia-it just looks like summer 'cause the sun is out a lot.

  2. I've only driven through the Poconos once but they are breathtaking! And wow...Y is the spitting image of his Daddy! Congrats again on your impending wee #3....wishing you a breezy, calm pregnancy!