Saturday, June 18, 2011

Officially handicapped :)

At least according to the NYC DMV, I have on of these nifty little things stored safely in my glove department. Its a drop strange but also a relief. So far I used it on Friday when I took the kids to CVS and Stop & Shop. Amazingly the three closest spots were taken! But i parked in teh next row. I looked around a drop as I got out, wondering if people would look at me funny but no one seemed to notice or care. The question is what would happen if a friend or acquaintance saw it. Truthfully, i'm getting better at just being open about the CMT so its probably not the end of the world.

After getting what we needed, I was really in luck. It was POURING rain. Imagine if i had to walk further! Its enough that i'm running (well, no no really but walking quickly anyway) in my crocs which are so slippery when its raining, trying to shield my two kids who melt in the rian and get the groceries in. Score one for a handicapped spot! I also like the fact that you get to put it away when you are not using it, makes it less obvious for when i just want to fit in.

In other news I have been shirking on posting because I am crazy busy now!! Mainly work related activities -- remember I work in a school and its June, which means end-of-year stuff, slideshows, goodbye parties, etc. Thankfully as exhausting as it is, its also so exhilitriating to feel so good at what i do and so needed by those who are benefiting from my time and energy. Hope to share more when I get a few minutes! Throw in kids graduations, a handful of weddings, concerts and other parties and theres isnt a moment to breathe. Hope to update more soon, but may not be till things calm down in July!

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  1. Hi CM2, I understand about feeling conflicted about the parking permit-about feeling OK with the disabled tag at times and not at others. I have not yet got one but think it may be a good idea-some days. I have an irrational fear that if I ask for one they will not allow me to drive.