Monday, May 30, 2011


Thats a blissful, content, life is amazing sigh.

As humans, we have a tendency to live life waiting. For the next vacation. Party. Event. Holiday. We wait for the next stage of life as that has to be somewhat easier, we wait for the kids to finally be in bed because we need some me time. And its crazy. Cuz life can really just fly by and next thing you know you turn around and your some old lonely woman who lived life waiting. Or find out you are dying in another week. I know i'm being all philosophical and waxing poetry and I happen to be incredibly sappy because I just watched My Sister's Keeper with DH. So dont mind me.

But I'm trying to just take it all in and enjoy each day as much as I can. I know as a kid i didn't feel content. There were lots of fun and good times but there was also a lot of confusion and self-doubt. I never really liked school and had various issues with friends and other fun politics. I spent most of High School wondering why i didn't fit in and why everyone else seemed to 'get it' and what was wrong with me. Camp was great and spending time with friends but there was a lot of just blah time.

This past weekend was near perfect. No, not near. Perfect. We had lots of guests for the meal who all really like us. We went, as a family, to Lowe's. We gardened together, even little S helping (Y didnt really but he ran around giggling). We had an awesome BBQ today with lots of family and friends. The sprinklers were on. And I just took it all in and soaked up the good feelings. Who cares if my feet turn a little or whatever. I have a great house, wonderful family, and a backyard that is all mine. I love me. I'm finally starting to like my neighborhood and with each passing day, I'm realizing that house and yard life really kicks apartment living. Its amazing to me that I can be so full of good feelings on a regular night, in my own home and backyard. Not away on some Island escaping from my life. What can be better than just enjoying life? I feel almost like i'm in a movie and the big blow is about to happen. I hope not!!!

Anyway, just need to thank God for all the good and teh fact that we are all healthy and live in an awesome country and have all these blessings.

SOmeone bump up this post when I have a crappy day, k?

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  1. I've been in this "appreciate the now" zone as well. Maybe its the pregnancy, maybe my Mom's cancer, maybe its because Oprah told me to...who knows.
    Lovely post!