Sunday, December 30, 2012

Almost 3 weeks

Its almost 3 weeks since Mira entered our world -- almost halfway through maternity leave. Aaah!

Quick recap on the past week since my last post;

Really busy end of the week. Fun and maybe a bit too much but it was good to be busy.

Wednesday was my good friend's wedding. It was also miserable out. I also spent two+ hours at the WIC office trying to prove that Ad's income was 'real'. Tough for someone self-employed to prove their income. Oh, and I had Yak with me. Poor bored kid. Thank god they turned on some cartoon. And Mira cried a lot. I nursed her in the office so they didnt have to ask 'do you breast-feed?' In the end, Ad brought my pay-stubs and even though I'm not working anymore, its what we used to qualify. I just did not want to walk out without my checks so i'm glad we stuck it out. But by the time I got home, I was tired, and wondering if i'd have energy for the wedding. After a yummy nap with my baby girl I felt more rested and was a little more in the mood of the wedding. We got a sitter, I pulled out my wedding outfit, jewelry and wig and actually managed to pull myself together and look half decent. As we were about to run out, we discovered the bathroom was locked. And I had to get my makeup from the bathroom. Ad got it opened while I got Mira ready and off we went. On the way I realized I forgot my makeup at home. Gosh. Even someone like me who is two weeks postpartum and not a make-up wearer could not walk into a wedding with no makeup at all. We got to the hall and I went into the ladies bathroom -- thankfully some lady was putting on makeup and she looked really nice and friendly and I asked if i could borrow. She said sure, I put some nice stuff on my face and we ended up chatting and become friends. I went to wish mazel tov feeling a lot prettier. Everyone was amazed that I came and that I looked good and actually did a little bit of dancing. It was nice to be out, doing someting normal and chatting with friends I hadnt seen in a while. I was definitely a little 'out of it' and spacey. Mira also misbehaved for a decent part of the wedding so I spent time comforting her and feeding her. All in all, it was good for me to go and the bride was so happy I came. Everyone had a good laugh at the make-up story and the funniest part of all - on my way out, I checked the diaper bag for Mira's cloth diaper -- and there, sitting innocently on top - was my make-up. Which I had indeed stashed there before leaving. Half a brain, I tell you.

Thursday was the holiday party at work. I had in mind to also do some shopping after. Got a nice lazy start to the day but still did a little tidying up. I showed up at work about 11:20 (party was from 11-12:30). I decided to dress up a bit for the occasion. Happily I fit into this cute short skirt which I matched up with a blue sweater - first non maternity/hoodie top worn since the summer. Black boots, a grey hat and I felt good. I got tooonnns of compliments -- on the baby and how I looked. It felt great to be around my coworkers. I really enjoy being with them and at least going back to work means spending time with people I love. Only 3 kids (out of 11) were in my classroom, so both assistants were downstairs. I ate, chatted, got to participate in a work game and exchanged presents. Mine said 'for the kids so Mom can rest' so I figured I'd let the kids open it later. At a certain point Ad called and told me he had to go into the city yet again so I should work out pickups. I decided instead of having friends pick the kids up, I'd try pickup myself with the narrow inflatable 'Bubble bum' booster I had just gotten that day. After nursing Mira and spending more time with coworkers, I handed in my disability papers to be signed and left. At this point it was close to 2. Kids dismissal was 3. Not enough time to go home. Enough time for one shopping trip. So I did some WIC stuff and it was only 2:20. IN a flash I realized it would absolutly make Shain's week if I actually walked into her classroom with her baby sister. So thats what I did. Found a spot right across from her school, took the baby out of the car and into her school we went. Instantly we were surrounded by a super happy big sister and 15 adorable little girls oohing and ahhing over the baby. It was so adorable. A few kids even knew the baby's name and one little girl kept nudging Shain to tell Mommy what her name was. I guess that this must be the Meira in her class. Shain floated out on cloud nine and we went to get Yak from school. It was tight but we all managed to fit. Part of the issue with the back seat is that I find it way easier to use the infant seat base, instead of strapping the straps through. But that adds extra room to an already tight back. I'm going to order a car seat extender which I hope will help and i dont see the three of us going out THAT often at this point so i think our setup is dealable. I got home with all 3 kids and groceries and brought evertything in and was zonked. I was so glad I had that present which ended up being amazing -- a big sticker thing with cakes for Shain to decorate and an I Spy game for Yak to play with. Really a life saver!! I emailed my director asking who my Secret Santa was -- I wanted to thank her! Made me feel a bit bad tat I just gave a crystal serving platter to my lady. But anyway, it was another busy and productive day. I rested and even gave the kids dinner put them to bed. Go SuperMom!

It was nice to have the weekend at my Mom - the packing is a pain but it was nice to hang out there and not have to do any sort of work or walking around. I rested a lot (and ate a lot!) I had a friend from the Upper West Side visit today with her daughter and it was great, the kids hadnt seen one another for a long time! Always a breath of fresh air to hang out with this friend.

This week is hopefully going to be slower and less busy than last week. And now that I'm a little more 'myself' I hope to accomplish a few simple errands. Get insurance for the baby (shes on mine for first month).  Organize some of the baby's clothing. Organize some of the bigger kids clothing while i'm at it (noticed some stuff getting small on them). We are getting one more awesome week of meals(!) but I have to get some groceries, including some WIC stuff. I hope to have a couple of friends visit this week too and Ad wants us to spend some family time on New Years so I have to think of an easy family activity. Not sure yet about this shabbos. It was so nice by Mommy but I know Ad likes staying home so we'll have to see....

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