Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Moving ON

I'm a little tired of writing about Sandy. I'm sure you are tired of reading about it. There are still so many people suffering but the community is pulling togehter and really trying to help them out; financially, emotionally, legally, etc. Its going to be OK and we're a stronger, better community when all is said and done. I want to move on and blog about what is going on in my life now, namely a still unborn person who is likely to make an appearance any day now. And causing fun for my already limited body. Or chanukah. or my delicious kids including a little boy who is falling more than I'd like. But I've had these scattered thoughts saved and I need to put them out first before I can talk about anything else. So here goes, some random thoughts about various aspects of living through and after the Hurricane.

First I want to mention how grateful I am. I feel so grateful and happy with life and a hurricane might do that to you. We are so lucky; our home did not get damaged including the basement that we are almost finished working on. Friends that lost basements are having it the hardest cuz insurance barely covers anything. So I am grateful that the only challenges we had to endure were living like nomads for a couple of weeks and a little loss of business for Ad.

Speaking of work, I am grateful that my job was closed for the full two weeks. If I had a job in the city, who knows what I would have done with the kids. They are scrambling to make up days now and are taking away part of Christmas week (doesnt affect me, ill be on matern leave anyway hahaha). but in any case, I am so glad I was able to be there fully and completely for my kids throughout the whole ordeal.

And speaking of kids -- can I just say they are awesome. They are adorable and reselient and fun and adaptive and totally breezed through this whole thing. I know some friends who's kids were going insane from not being at home, sleeping in their beds, having structure, etc. My kids were thrilled as long as there were toys, food and Mommy nearby. I actually really enjoyed my time with them and was continously amazed how OK they were with the whole escapade. Another massive thing I am grateful for; their ages. They are 3 and 4 (1/2). Not too young to need a lot of help and care, not too old to be traumatized or bored. And they had each other. Wherever they went, they just went right into things and played together. Did House. Colored. Shared stuff. They just had one another and it was amazing. A 2 and 5 year old, for example, would have been a lot harder to entertain. They were thrilled with the libarary, pizza store, etc. Everything was fun. The one day that I sent Yak to school and not Shain, she asked where he was and looked a bit unsure of what to do. It ended up being fine cuz we took trains and busses (wow! Seriously she couldnt decide which was more fun!). But im glad that for almost the rest of the time they had one another. And I didnt have to care for an older bored child or a baby. Or- yikes - a newborn.
Which brings me to my next grateful thing; I was not due yet. I think this whole thing would have been sooo much harder if I had a newborn or even if I was due around then. The stress probably would have sent me into labor. So many times I looked at my belly and said 'You are in the best, warmest and most comfy place and are out of everyone's way. Please stay put!' At a couple of points where we thought it would take weeks more to get the power back I imagined having to give birth while living elsewhere or in a dark home. The thought made me cringe. Thank god I am in my warm, lit up, powered home now that my due date is actually here. More gratefulness.

Finally I am so massively grateful to be part of my family, neighborhood and community that pulled through like they did. I had a wonderful place to stay for the whole week and other options when I needed to. When I was home, I felt so taken care of by the community who was constantly offering free food, legal service, other help, etc. I feel so warm and mushy by how people just came through to help one another. Its interesting how the hurricane affected so many people from all different walks of life. Rich, poor, mansion owners, projects dwellers, Irish, Jewish, Catholic, and not religious at all. It did not discriminate with who it hit although some might have a harder time recuperating then others. I feel so lucky and grateful, really and truly to be in an area where people are there and helping each other, even when they are also suffering. 

A couple of more thoughts -
driving post hurricane was surreal. Stop signs were a relief. Big intersections were petrifying. Driving at night was just not an option. There was a massive gas crisis but thankfully my tank was full and stayed ok until the crisis past. There was a police presence everywhere. Something that struck me was this was the first time I could remember that sirens didnt completely freak me out. Usually I see a police car and my heart freezes. Sad to say but they are public enemy #1 when I drive. And its amazing that this whole time they were actually our friend, not the enemy. Not looking to give out tickets or pull people over or lecture. But to help folks get through traffic OK and keep people safe. How refreshing.

Finally on CMT and the storm; it was barely an issue. As I mentioned above the storm affected everyone, no matter what they are and who they are. The stress level was similar for anyone even those with perfect feet. The only time I found it very challenging was the morning after it snowed when I went to my friends house with my laundry. Having to make several trips to the car with the kids, clothing, laundry, etc and dealing with stairs and snow was not fun. But it was OK and I survived. I also got some really awesome astronaut socks that they gave out to keep people warm. And lord knows my feet need to be kept warm in the winter, even though we have heat at home. In fact I'm wearing them right now :).

OK I think i said what I needed to say and can finally move on to other stuff......thats a wrap folks.

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  1. Omggg how exciting that baby is almost here!!!! And I am so happy for u that u are gonna have the baby when things are back to normal :)