Sunday, December 9, 2012

Into month 10

See not everyone can say they are in their 10th month. I'm very special :). Apparently my uterus is so super-cozy that baby just doesn't wanna leave. Cuz this is the third time I've been late. 3 for 3. I had fun looking at my old LJ blog cuz I forgot just how late I was with each. With Shaina I was due Jan 8, she was born on the 12th so 4 days. With Yak, he was due March 15 and I was just 2 days late, on the 17th. Now it looks like baby #3 will probably be the winner as it was due on Dec 6th and we are almost at the 10th with nothing doing. Well I shouldn't say nothing doing. I've been having fake labor on and off for over a week. About a week and a half ago, Ad made some awesome chili. That night I really thought I was in labor and I started to FREAK out. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING was ready. When I woke up and realized that I was not in labor I started making massive lists of things I needed to do to get ready; wrapping things up at work including finishing some reports, meeting a sub, contacting some parents, etc. I started making calls to friends to find out who could take the kids if we'd need to be in the hospital during the day. I started locating and collecting some baby stuff although we don't do every last bit of planning in advance. I kept adding to the lists and checking things off as the days went by with no baby around. I have to say, I'm a lot calmer and more ready now than I was 10 days ago. I even spent those 2 minutes packing that so overly touted 'hospital bag' with stuff that I could easily pack while in labor or have Ad bring if need be.

So am I impatient? Do I want baby out already? Am I going bananas? Hmmmm. I don't think so. Not quite yet. I know that once baby comes along my life will be turning upside down, nights will be taken, boobs will no longer belong to me; new schedules will need to be arranged and my whole life will get a lot more complicated. Thankfully and blessedly and because of the most wonderful reason in the world, but still complicated. So I'm enjoying the peace and quiet, the ability to chill and do nothing at night, to just throw my two kids in the car and go off (cringing imagining the two of them AND the car seat in my tiny little car). When we have the opportunity, Ad and I try to spend some time together and my mom here last night so we went out to celebrate first night of chanukah and perhaps our last pre-baby time with one another.

With every weekend that passes I'm relieved to have gotten through shabbos without worrying about plans. (we've had guests each time just in case). As I said, I keep knocking things off my to do list. My living room corner downstairs looks like a baby center. I even got some fun stuff from this 'city moms' baby shower that I won a ticket to. Slowly but surely I'm tracking down baby stuff i lent out and I'm going through both boys and girls newborn stuff and I am mellllltttting. This stuff is sooo ridiculously cute!! I'm also enjoying Chanukah which started last night and I know things will be crazy once I have the baby. So im glad we had two normal nights so far of lighting the menorah, eating latkes, giving presents, etc. At this point I'd like to hold out til Tuesday when Shain has her 'Mommy and me' Chanukah party. But my mom is on call just in case. Ad is holding out for Wednesday which would be 12/12/12.  Pretty cool :). Now with everying being said, the fact that its Chanukah and I have no clue when the baby is coming or what gender s/he is, it does mess up plans a little. Mommy wants us all to come to her next shabbos but if its a boy, we'll want to be here to make the shalom zachor (special party for the first fri night a boy is born). So everyone will come here although I will hiding in my room and not making a single bed or cooking a single dish. Who knows I might still not have the baby by the weekend! That'll make me like 9 days overdue but its not unheard of! So maybe we'll even go to Manhattan next weekend sans baby.....its better to be closer but its not like its THAT much further to my hospital; maybe an extra 20 minutes. And I generally go to the hospital in the middle of the night so no traffic and there is an awesome car service by mommy that always has cars and gets there in 5 minutes. But all this remains to be seen. I'm guessing that as the week progresses and I don't have the baby, I'll get more and more impatient. I have a fetal monitor coming up Tuesday afternoon which should also shed light on if anything is going on, otherwise Dr will talk about induction which Im not really hoping for.

Me and a bunch of stuff I brought home from that shower
Now as to how I'm feeling physically - well remember that whole post I wrote about how lovely being pregnant with CMT is? Well don't get me wrong, I am still loving the whole pregnancy thing. But its getting a little tough. Switching positions is very hard. Getting out of bed in the morning (or middle of the night as often happens) sends shooting pain in my back and sometimes up my legs. And than theres the fake braxton-hicks contractions that I've been dealing with. So thats a lot of fun. I've been taking baths every night which seem to help. Stairs and bending is really hard. I try to set my expectations low and take things slow. I'm also not sleeping well so that makes things harder during the day. I have been conking out after putting the kids to bed. Oh also my feet totally swelled up. I can only really wear crocs now and these booties that are somewhat big on me. Its possible its CMT related. Who knows. Truth is, I'm just grateful to still be making it and able to get around. Mum with CMT said something so smart to that post that I think about often. As a CMTer I'm so used to my body NOT working for me and messing me up. In a way its kinda awesome that this aspect of me, thank god, has been absolutely wonderful. My ability to conceive, keep and grow a child and carry to full term, and push it out when ready is kinda cool. Even though its so normal, its still great that its something I can do. And all of this while still maintaining a normal life as a mom and working full time -- I get some credit, right?! It does help that I carry small (people dont believe I am overdue they think i'm in my 6th month or something!) My assistants at work have been just wonderful taking care of me, having me sit, etc. I bought them little holiday gifts although we dont usually exchange gifts and hope to give it to them tomorrow.

Will keep you posted if anything is going on!! Sometime this week this CM of Two will god willing become a CM of Three!!!

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  1. Yay!!! Your blog needs a minor name change!!!! You don't even look pregnant in that picture, much less 10 months along!!! Lol